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27 April
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
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Socorro High School - El Paso TX (1976 - 1980)
Texas Tech University - Lubbock TX (1980 - 1985)
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NETIQUETTE NOTE: I write novels intended for adult readers and young adults ... please be considerate and keep in mind that some of the posters (and readers) of this LJ may be pre-teen. The general rule of the journal should be that if you don't want to see it on your 10-year-old sister's t-shirt, you shouldn't put it in this journal. That goes for language and icons alike, please. Thank you very much for understanding.

Rachel Caine is the author of the Weather Warden series from ROC ... Ill Wind (Jan. 04), Heat Stroke (Aug. 04), Chill Factor (Feb. 05), Windfall (Nov. 05), Firestorm (forthcoming in 2006), and a sixth book (Thin Air) still under construction. She also published a series for Silhouette Bombshell, Devil's Bargain and Devil's Due, and has written the first novel in the new Athena Force series premiering in 2007 from Silhouette.

Most recently, she launched a new Young Adult (teen) series, The Morganville Vampires, from NAL. The first book, Glass Houses, was released in October 2006. The Dead Girls' Dance (book 2) will be out in April 2007. She is currently working on #3.

She is also known as Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, author of 8 previous novels, numerous short stories, and lots of nonfiction for BenBella Books. She has a mysterious dark past (and present) as Julie Fortune, fanfic writer and media tie-in author.
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