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BLACK DAWN quote of the day #21

Counting down ...BLACK DAWN is coming to the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand on May 1! Check out the preorder links on your local independent bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Walmart, Waterstones UK, WH Smith UK, Whitcoulls New Zealand ... and many more fine retailers.

Now, on to the quote of the day! WOW, I can't believe it, but we are only a mere 3 days from the official launch of BLACK DAWN in stores! So, to tide you over, here's a little something from the team, including Myrnin ... as they speed off in an appropriated armored car.


“I think I may puke,” Shane called up, which was met by a chorus that he’d better not. He wasn’t serious, at least. Or Claire hoped he wasn’t. “You could fill this thing up with water and detergent and spin clothes in it. Does it even have shocks?”

“Stop complaining,” Myrnin said, sitting perfectly comfortably in his velvet-covered seat. “It is the most protected vehicle you could possibly wish to be inside. It is bulletproof, lightproof, and most important, waterproof, although if you could please not put that to the test by driving it into any deep ponds I would appreciate it.”

Michael looked sideways at Claire and said, “Could you please see if you can get him to shut up before Shane punches him, or I do?”

“Myrnin,” she said wearily, “just shut up.”

“You wound me.”

“Not yet, but keep it up.”
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Oh how awsome, the gang are soo cool :D xx
aaaw poor myrnin. LOL shane... again... ;) cant wait!!! only a few days left!!!!! BUZZ!!!!!
Plan: spend day at school, as soon as school finishes, jump on a bus to the nearest shopping centre, buy book, have McDonald's :D so cannot wait for this!!!
(eagerly following0

Oh, and a little bird in my in box said it's your birthday! Hope you had a happy one! :)