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BLACK DAWN quote of the day #16

Counting down ...BLACK DAWN is coming to the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand on May 1! Check out the preorder links on your local independent bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Walmart, Waterstones UK, WH Smith UK, Whitcoulls New Zealand ... and many more fine retailers.

Now, on to the quote of the day! Michael and Shane, discussing the value of a Morganville education.


Claire said, “Tell me what we’re supposed to be out at Morganville High School looking for, because I know it’s not their amazing chem lab.”

“You’d be right about that,” Shane said. “Although to be fair, chem class did turn out some would-be meth cookers - right, Michael?”

“Would-be is right. They blew themselves up in a trailer at the edge of town,” Michael said. “Not exactly an endorsement of our fine public school system.”

“Which way?”

“Either way.”

“Good point.”
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Shane and Micheal, perfect bromance or what :D xx
Aww..finished re-reading Midnight Alley and its hard to think that Shane had thoughts of killing Michael! Glad the bromance is back on the roll! :)
I can't wait for Black dawn to be released!! I have marked my calender (my mental calender because i dont really have a calender) and have my money at the ready one week and one day to go... not that im counting! CAN'T WAIT!
The wait is beginning to be unbearable, I've read through most of Rachel Cain's books, my mum is so sick of my excited babbles every time I read a quote haha