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BLACK DAWN quote of the day #14

Counting down ...BLACK DAWN is coming to the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand on May 1! Check out the preorder links on your local independent bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Walmart, Waterstones UK, WH Smith UK, Whitcoulls New Zealand ... and many more fine retailers.

Now, on to the quote of the day! Because it delights me, let's do BOB THE SPIDER. And Myrnin. And Claire.


(Myrnin has called Claire, on the phone.)

“Claire, there are things to do!”

“Here, too,” she said. “And I’m staying here, believe me.”

Myrnin was silent for a beat, and then he said, “Bob would be very disappointed in you.”

“Bob the spider?”

“He looks at you like a mother, you know. I’m surprised at your lack of work ethic. Think of the example you set for—”

She hung up on him.
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